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08 May 2006 @ 12:36 pm
1: Piano movers are taking the piano out of the lounge for an undisclosed reason.

2: It's the mob! Don't trust them!

1: I trust them. When I asked them where they were taking it, they said they didn't know. That sounds stupid and therefore honest.

2: I have seen this before. They were told to say that. There are drugs in the piano.

1: Oh, of course, it's so obvious now! After them!

2: God speed! May you make it in time to save the orphans!

1: Orphans? Screw that.

2: They're hot.

1: Hot? Are they stolen? Who fences orphans?

2: Shut up! I don't mock your hobbies.
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15 April 2006 @ 10:14 pm
1 Visitor: Doctor, I've been waiting six hours. No one will tell me anything. How bad is it?
2 Doctor: I'm afraid it's fatal.
3 V: Fatal?! How long does he have?
4 D: Aren't you listening? I just told you: it's fatal. He died like an hour ago.
5 V: What the hell? Why didn't anyone tell me?
6 D: Well that's a bit morbid, don't you think?
7 V: What?! You're the worst doctor ever!

5 V: What the hell? Why didn't anyone come get me?
6 D: Why? What the hell could you do? None of the doctors could help.

6 D: Oh shit, sorry. Did you want a go at it? I didn't even think about that. Tell you what, you can operate on the next one.

I kinda like the first "6" best though.
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12 April 2006 @ 10:45 pm

Cooley: "Society is an interweaving and interworking of mental selves. I imagine your mind, and especially what your mind thinks about my mind, and what your mind thinks about what my mind thinks about your mind. I dress my mind before yours and expect that you will dress yours before mine. Whoever cannot or will not perform these feats is not properly in the game."

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19 January 2006 @ 07:00 pm
From the Drabble-Matic:

I'm Dreaming Of A Racial ChristmasCollapse )

You've got to watch out for that daunting eggnog.

A Definitive OccurrenceCollapse )

Their very weird if you take random words from political essays you're reading.
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09 December 2005 @ 02:10 pm
How to download torrents:
  • Save the torrent into My Music.
  • Open My Music.
  • Double-click file.
  • Open it with BitTorrentGui.
  • Do not try to open BitTorrent because it hates me won't open, instead directing me to the BitTorrent website where I'm told I should donate money or informing me I should upgrade to the version I .
  • Wait six to eight weeks for download.
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07 December 2005 @ 11:34 am
I have dS episodes! BitTorrent finally finished downloading Seeing is Believing and Eclipse, and because _divya_ is so fucking cool, I have Burning Down the House as well.
Fuck studying. I'm going to watch Burning Down the House.
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Current Music: Burning Down the House
04 December 2005 @ 08:14 pm
I'm not studying for finals. I should re-read Thucydides (aka T-diddy). I should re-read Plato's Symposium or The Apology or Agricola and Germania or the Odyssey or the essays for history or the entire history book that I never read the first time around. *is ashamed for two seconds until apathy sets back in*

I have until Thursday to do most of that and a week from Thursday for history, plus six and a half hours at the library tomorrow with nothing else to do. So really, by not studying now, I'm making sure I don't get mind-numbingly bored tomorrow. It's not like I'm going to ignore my books and do my nails again. They came out nice though.

It's non sequitur time:
Look! Giggs!
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11 October 2005 @ 09:06 pm
These are so cool...Collapse )